Who we are

Big 3 Media is a creative video production house based in Singapore. Since 2008, we have ventured beyond the beaten paths to craft uniquely artful stories. We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients, target audience, and the characters of our story, to see the world through a myriad of perspectives.

Big 3 Media has grown exponentially over the years. Not only do we have a sizeable team of committed and talented individuals and an ever-expanding clientele, we have also extended our area of expertise, in the forms of new products and services, with the acquisition of new technology and partnership with our sister organisations.

Holding true to our Big 3 core values of being Creative, Empathetic and Better, we never stop seeking improvement, experience, and knowledge in the creative process, constantly pushing ourselves to so that you will see the bigger picture.

The studio

In the bustling town of Toa Payoh, located in the central region of Singapore, Big 3 Media shares our modern 9,673.2 sqft residence, Corridor, with our many sister companies. Along our creative corridor, neighbours rub shoulders, have friendly banters; we exchange ideas, expertise and resources along the way. Other than video production, our collaborations and partnerships place us at the forefront of various media industries, including Web Design and Development, Campaigns, Sound Production, Animation, Motion and Print Graphics, as well as Social Media content creation.

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Behind the scenes

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The Team

Willie Lee
Managing Director
"Yeah, it's BIG." - Willie
Isaac Tan
General Manager
Makes things work out.
Alene Tan
Alene is a quarter-Peranakan oddity, who lives to eat, survives on coffee, and enjoys making puns and movie references in daily conversation.
Anisa Binte Abdul Rahman
Finance Executive
Hug a jellyfish cause I like it dangerous.
Anna Chiang
Welcome to Big 3.
Daniel Yeo
Senior Production and Facilities Executive
Denise Khng
Writes best at 3 a.m.
Edric Yap
IT Executive
Tell me a favourite song of yours and I will tell you who you are. ~ ♫♫
Eileen Loh
Eileen's secret is she's always angry
Fengxian Kong
HR Manager
"I'm not vegetarian guyssss! I'm pescetarian!!!"
Gary Koay
Gary is best described as a black man, that acts like a white man, but born in an asian body. It's ok, Gary confuses himself sometimes too.
Howard Chen
Head of Business Development
Howard, Head of Business Development by day and Howard, Om-nom-nom monster by night
Ivy See
Business Development Manager
Bribe her with alcohol and she will be your best friend!
Jael Choe
Junior Producer
This Video Will Prove That You've Been Shoplifting Lettuces Wrong Your Whole Life!
Jane Chang
Head of Graphic Design
I bleed, therefore I crop.
Jason Mok
Junior Editor
Mature filter not found.
Jein Eriza Sacapano
Junior Camera Operator
I’d work for beer but it don’t pay the bills.
Jovin Chiang
Like a cloud that moves with the wind. Like a Red Panda that lazes on the tree. Like a Polar Bear that walks in the cold. Like water that fits in any cup.
Jun Yi Lee
Animation Director
Built like a Greyhound but eats like a Chow Chow, Jun Yi enjoys walking his aunt's dogs, and writing nonsense poetry to accompany his peculiar illustrations.
Kane Wheatley-Holder
Head Scriptwriter
The key to being a good writer is finishing everything you sta
Kenneth Hu
Mark Nicholas Foo
Jack of all trades and master of the cut. Mark specializes in making crap look like gold.
Mark Song
Editor & Colorist
Mark likes pie, Mark likes cake. Mark likes anything you bake.
Mattina Zheng
Head Editor
Baroness of the night, Slayer of good food.
Melissa Chan
If it itches, I scratches.
Meredith Tan
Account Executive
Meredith is a stuffed teddy bear hand made by a 80-year-old granny. She loves aeroplanes and has an incurable case of wanderlust.
Michelle Qiu
Assistant Producer
Maestro of Organised Chaos
Nurul Heryani
Junior Editor
The other Tudung, the crazy cat lady.
Nurulhuda Ismail
Do not underestimate the Tudung.
Nicholas Lo
He directs.
Pearlyn Ho
Too chirpy in the morning to be a human being.
Peter Tan
Supervising Producer
Peter is passionate and meticulous about what he is doing, and enjoys eating a scrumptious meal after a hard day's work. He may be serious on a normal basis but can be funny when the conversation hits him well.
Poh Zi Qun, AK
Storyboard Artist
AK draws faster than he can talk, read or eat.
Rachel Tan
Finance Manager
"Show me the money."
Rayner Koh
Logistics and Production Executive
I is not "ahbeng" horrr.
Samuel Wong
Junior Producer
Fabulous beyond description.
Sharavana Rama
Vana recently performed the violin blindfolded to sold out concert audiences, flew a vintage propeller aeroplane solo along the Straits of Singapore and continues to tell similar fictional stories with relative ease.
Stefanny Kimas
Finance Executive
Stefanny is a brunch enthusiast. Her favourite day is when the sky is blue and the clouds are in hiding.
Vanessa Lee
Administrative Executive
Everything you can imagine is real.
Victor Tang
If you can't find Victor it's most probably because he is underwater, perpetual narcosis a constant source of his inspiration.
Wei Ling Lim
Senior HR Assistant
Wei Ling loves Blue, Wei Ling loves whales, you can call Wei Ling 'whales'.
Wen Long Ho
Business Development Executive
William Orchard
Editor & Colorist & Animator
You can be my brother, it don't matter if you're black or white.
Xian Yang (XY) Isaac Tan
Junior Producer
If I pull too hard, my goatees' hair come off :(
Yi Fang Chua
Lead Producer
Lightning Speed.

Ready to get cracking?